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The world is filled with love, yet love is very complicated as it has many facets to the single word. Love for a brother, love for a friend, love for a spouse, love for a parent, love for a stranger, and love for a pet. These are just some of the types of love that can be encountered in the world. Although love surrounds this world, few understand the wisdom of love and its complicated connection to the human beings who love and are loved. Love quotes from the wisdom of the world will sort out the truth of love. With love quotes you can sympathies with the speaker and gain insights into others experiences with love from those famous and not known people who have loved. Maybe you are looking for the right love quote to woo your special someone, to tell them how much you care or make them feel special. Or you are interested in learning what famous people have said about love. Words of wisdom best explain the art of love. Tap into those love quotes and views, as well as gain, an experience of love in a thousand different ways through the wisdom of others.
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Love :

    (uncountable) An intense feeling of affection and care towards another person.
    A mother’s love is not easily shaken.
    (uncountable) A deep or abiding liking for something.
    My love of cricket knows no bounds.
    (uncountable) A profound and caring attraction towards someone.
    Your love is the most important thing in my life.
    (countable) The object of one’s romantic feelings; a darling or sweetheart I met my love by the gasworks wall.
    (colloquial) A term of friendly address, regardless of feelings.
    Hello, love, how can I help you?
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